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Three Things You Must Do When You Use a Computer.

1. Keep your Antivirus Software Running and Updated.

Bad-guys write new viruses every day. Antivirus software keeps a list of known viruses, but the list only stays current if you keep it updated. The makers of Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus products make new updates available every week. If a new virus hits your computer and it's not on your list of known viruses, your antivirus software won't know about it. Your computer will be broken.

2. Perform Windows Update Regularly.

The Microsoft Windows products also need to be updated to fix security holes. Hackers are constantly finding new security gaps in the Microsoft Windows operating system. Microsoft developed Windows Update to help you keep your Windows computer as secure as possible.

3. Have a Written Back-Up Plan and Follow It.

It doesn't matter if you use a floppy disk, CD, networked computer, flash disk, or whatever, just make sure you back up your files. You must know what files to backup and verify that the backup copies will work if a computer crashes. If your important files are backed up, a computer crash won't be a disaster.

why you keep getting viruses and spyware (pdf)